The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) started the Arizona TraCS program so that law enforcement agencies across the state could begin collecting and transmitting crash reports electronically. Since then, the program has grown to other forms for a broader use of the TraCS software.

  • LEAD AGENCY: Arizona Department of Transportation
  • PROGRAM SUPPORTED BY: Arizona Department of Transportation
  • TRACS SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT: Arizona Department of Public Safety; Arizona DOT Enforcement Complicate Division; Payson Police Department; Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office; Show Low Police Department, Eloy Police Department, Camp Verde Marshall’s Office, Prescott Police Department
  • FUTURE DEPLOYMENT PLANS: Deploy TraCS to other local agencies throughout the state including: Safford Police Department; Pinetop-Lakeside Police Department; Snowflake-Taylor Police Department; Lake Havasu Police Department; Thatcher Police Department, Tolleson Police Department; Wickenburg Police Department; La Paz County Sheriff’s Office; Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office; Graham County Sheriff’s Office; Clarkdale Police Department; Pima Police Department
  • LAST UPDATED: 2022/08
TraCS Use

Forms being used by Arizona include:

ADOT Supported Forms

  • Crash
  • e-Citations
  • e-DUI Affidavit
  • e-Drivers Behavior

Additional Forms Being Used by Law Enforcement – Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) - Crash Form, e-Citation, e-DUI Affidavit, e-Drivers Behavior Form, DPS Contact Form, Tow Form, 30 Day Impound Removal and Hearing Form, Supplemental Report Form, Consent to Search Form, SIA Form, Warning, Repair Order, Field Interview Card and Field Training Officer Form; Payson Police Department - Crash Form, e-Citations, e-DUI Affidavit, e-Drivers Behavior, Consent to Search, Warning, Repair Order, Field Interview Card, Vehicle Removal Form, Impound Form and Tow Form; Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office - Crash Form, Supplemental Report Form, e-Citations, e-DUI Affidavit, e-Drivers Behavior, Vehicle Contact Form, Warning Form, Incidental Contact Form, Property Receipt, Deputy Assist Body Camera Log and Tow Form; Show Low Police Department - Crash Form, E-Citations, e-DUI Affidavit, e-Drivers Behavior and Tow Form.


Arizona hasn't implemented MACH yet. However, Arizona Department Public Safety is currently evaluating the use of the application within their agency.

David Porter
TraCS Program
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Klod Gjinopulli
TraCS IT Support
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