In the interest of improving the Citation and Crash reporting systems, the Florida Department of Transportation provides a grant to the TraCS Florida team at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering to develop, deploy, and support the usage of TraCS in Florida. The goal is to deploy TraCS in a manner such that local agencies collect electronic crash and citation data at their agencies using TraCS, and then submit the electronic data to other entities such as FLHSMV or local Clerk of Courts. Primary benefits of this implementation will be reducing redundant data entry, improving accuracy, improving timeliness.

The TraCS Florida team has worked closely with FLHSMV to establish protocols for the electronic submission of crash data. TraCS Florida began submitting electronic crash reports in June 2009 and submitting electronic citations in July 2012. TraCS Florida currently has over two-hundred ninety agencies that submit electronic crash and/or citation reports electronically to FLHSMV and/or local clerks of courts. TraCS Florida has since expanded from a crash and citation program into a records management system and now offers nearly 20 forms.

TraCS Florida is available for use on a voluntary basis, and thus resources are devoted to marketing and promoting the use of the software.

  • LEAD AGENCY: FAMU/FSU College of Engineering funded by FDOT
  • PROGRAM SUPPORTED BY: Internal Staff and Contractor
  • FUTURE DEPLOYMENT PLANS: The TraCS Florida software is available for agencies to use free of charge on a voluntary basis. The software is provided via a download on TraCS Florida website. The client installer is an MSI, can be silent, and is designed to be easy to use, and automates the installation of the TraCS Baseline. Staff guide interested agencies through the phases of deployment including evaluation, server setup, and training. Staff makes onsite visits as necessary to assist agencies with deployment and training. TraCS Florida hosts a central TraCS server for two-thirds of agencies, both large and small, while about one-third host their own environments.
  • LAST UPDATED: 2023/08
TraCS Use

Forms being used by Florida include:

  • Crash (Long, Short, Driver Exchange of Information, Update)
  • Uniform Traffic Citation
  • NIBRS Offense/Incident Report
  • NIBRS Uniform Arrest Affdavit (Contains Notice to Appear, Juvenile Citation, Request Capius, and Probable Cause/Sworn Complaint options)
  • DUI Uniform Traffic Citation
  • Warning Ticket
  • Boating Citation/Warning
  • Refusal To Submit (Documents an individual’s refusal to submit to alcohol tests)
  • Implied Consent (Documents that an officer has informed an individual regarding the requirements to submit to an alcohol tests)
  • Property Receipt
  • Attachments
  • Tow
  • Field Interrogation
  • Trespass Warning
  • Parking/Local Ordinance Citation/Warning
  • Boating Citation/Warning
  • Incident Report
  • Arrest Affidavit/Probable Cause/Notice to Appear
  • Radar and Laser Log
  • Daily Observation Log
  • Call for Service
  • Baker Act - Marchman Act

ADDITIONAL FORM DEVELOPMENT PLANS: The TraCS Florida team develops forms on a yearly basis. Only forms are developed that are beneficial for statewide release.


MACH CAD is currently being used in Florida at the local agency level through the FL MACH network. MACH Call for Services are exported to Florida TraCS for record keeping and reporting.

Amy Pontillo
Florida State University, Systems Architect/Program Manager
850 509 2381